Early Math Matters

Primary One Preparation

Step Up to Primary One (S.U.P.O.) for 6 Year Olds


Our K2 children go through a 1-year preparation course, Step Up to Primary One (S.U.P.O.). This course is specially designed to ease the transition to primary schools. Our holistic curriculum comprises not only of the topics your child needs to know in order to love & excel in primary Math, it extends beyond that to enhance their critical & inventive thinking processes as well. Our purposeful play lessons encourage experiential learning through our interactive, hands-on manipulatives, together with our Virtual Reality technology where we “teleport” our children to experience math concepts in a virtual world. 

At the end of every lesson, our teachers will conduct a short sharing session for parents where they will go through the key learning objectives of the day. Feedback will also be provided on your child’s learning experience to further support your child’s learning at home. 


  • Develop confidence in challenging real-world problems
  • Enhance lateral, visual & logical thinking processes to problem solve with possibilities 
  • Mastery in drawing Part-Whole models 
  • Ability to demonstrate speed & accuracy in Mathematical calculations