Early Math Matters

Math Talent Development

Math Intelligence (M.I.) for 3 – 5 Year Olds


In our Math Intelligence (M.I.) classes, our classes are designed to fulfil 2 main learning objectives  numeracy & cognitive skills development  and our proprietary curriculum incorporates an array of activities designed to do so. Through our purposeful play lessons, engaging stories and hands-on manipulatives, children immerse themselves in experiential learning to develop the core cognitive competencies necessary to build a strong foundation for problem solving. 

At the end of every lesson, our teachers will conduct a short sharing session for parents where they will go through the key learning objectives of the day. Feedback will also be provided on your child’s learning experience to further support your child’s learning at home. 


  • Develop cognitive strategies such as pictorial comparisons, elimination, classification & substitution
  • Sharpen logical, visual & lateral thinking skills for problem solving 
  • Enhanced visual & auditory processing skills to attain fast learning 
  • Improved working memory & attention span for enhanced knowledge retention


Learning and acquiring arithmetic skills through our purposeful play curriculum, where children will be able to engage their senses to learn and discover math concepts. They will learn cognitive strategies such as pictorial comparisons, elimination, classification & substitution. Their logical, visual & lateral reasoning skills will also be enhanced through our curriculum, boosting their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.


It is important to build a child’s foundation through enhancing their cognitive skill sets to create a strong and holistic foundation, not only for Mathematics but for other aspects of their life as well. Our curriculum incorporates an array of exercises designed to build up a child’s visual & auditory processing, working memory, spatial reasoning, processing speed, attention span and motor skills.